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Above the Clouds

Title: Camelsoft,

I count the time prime


We chose from the author's bestsellers and never-selling books. You will even be the first.

Perhaps he owns a book that has just been written.



I brought my sorrow in line with the moon

And I composed my whistle to the devil

The architect of the night is my dreams again

He carried his lie on his back under my tongue

Chrysanthemum corpse of a tall going

Nothing from those who are not you in everything

The rest is goodness beauty…!

I sold my heaven to a heretic

Just because you're going to hell.

I called the demons head with my whistle

Because you don't like angels.

A platter that earth globe

A shaking cigarette ash past

My darling is a staff in the palm tree

The kundi gamma is coming down my neck

A soft buse…

Nothing from those who are not you in everything

Rest; goodness beauty.

Hides in a stove hide-and-seek pot

A whistle gets wet with its demon

Water freezes in the cloud with joy

The cancer of your absence in my heart.

Whatever cigarette is in my mouth,

My fingers are immediately yellowish stain ...

And the unborn sun is sentenced child!

Kallavidir is an expired woman.

Nothing from those who are not you in everything

Rest; goodness beauty

Spirits of insects whose rosary is exhausted

Your dreams are moonlit nights

Let the eyes be a unit of love

Midwife with sadness, but leaned to loneliness

in love

Everyone is shrouded according to their own size.

Every shooting is necessary with the tenses ...

The air is full of smoke!

There is everything but you are not in this nothingness

The rest are fake by God billahi:

Goodness and beauty


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