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2 + 1 Loneliness

I brought my sorrow in line with the moon

And I composed my whistle to the devil

The architect of the night is my dreams again

He carried his lie on his back under my tongue

Chrysanthemum corpse of a tall going

Nothing from those who are not you in everything

The rest is goodness beauty…!

2 + 1 Loneliness

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Ankara, ms 1983
Gauss Krüger TM 33, I'm at 3 degrees
I don't have a layout number
Cartographer, Business Analyst of life. PMP
1 my wife who is afraid of birds
1 Minel-Ask Berin
1 İbrahim Arel
1 Paw
and 1 fish without 1 name.
Unless proven otherwise, what I write is poetry.

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